Dear Dad, Thanks for the Lesson

Dear Dad, I wish there were a kinder way to say this. Because I actively try to not hurt people’s feelings. Even when that someone has hurt me. Unlike you, who goes out of the way to cause pain. But here it is, I wish you had been an absentee parent rather than the presentContinue reading “Dear Dad, Thanks for the Lesson”

Healthy Change Chronicles

At the beginning of the year I started making some healthy changes. I started exercising and eating better. It was all going pretty well; I was feeling stronger and had lost 10 pounds. Then I had surgery and promptly gained all ten pounds back. Two weeks prior to surgery I kept putting my workouts offContinue reading “Healthy Change Chronicles”

Boundaries and Expectations: Finding the Sweet Spot

I will be the first to admit that I expect a lot of my children. Even at three and five, I expect them to be contributing members of the household. No, I don’t expect them to go out and get jobs to make a financial contribution. I do, however, expect that they take some responsibilityContinue reading “Boundaries and Expectations: Finding the Sweet Spot”

When the Remote Becomes Mom’s

There are exactly two instances where the remote is “mine” and I gain control of the television. One is late in the evening when everyone else has gone to sleep and I take an hour or two to zone out in front of the tube. The other is when my kids have been acting like…Continue reading “When the Remote Becomes Mom’s”

The Self-Care Nightmare

We tell other women to take care of themselves. We tell ourselves to take care. But we don’t. Not usually anyway. The closest I seem to come to self-care is staying up after my family has all gone to sleep to complete tasks and do things that I find difficult to do while they areContinue reading “The Self-Care Nightmare”